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How Much Insulation Do You Need for Your Property? - The Guide

Ever found yourself shivering through the winter or sweating through the summer despite being indoors? If you’re nodding along, you’re probably pondering over “How much insulation do I need for my property?”. 


Insulating your property is like dressing it for the weather—it needs just the right amount to stay comfortable and energy-efficient. Luckily, this guide is here to help you figure out exactly what you need. So, let’s dive in and make your home or office the cozy space it’s meant to be.

Worker hauls in insulation for Mississippi home

How to Calculate Your Insulation Needs

Follow these next tips to get an idea of how much insulation you need for your property. 

A Warm Start: Assess Your Insulation

Before deciding to add more, it’s crucial to check your current insulation installation. Peek into your attic, crawl into the basement, and eye those walls. Are they properly insulated? Feeling drafts or noticing your energy bills skyrocketing? These signs scream for an insulation upgrade.

Crunching the Numbers: R-Values Decoded

Understanding R-values is similar to knowing the thread count for your bedding – the higher, the cozier! Different areas of your home and various climates require specific R-values to guarantee top-notch insulation installation. 

Whether you’re considering spray foam, batt, or blown-in insulation, getting comfortable with these numbers will help you make a well-informed choice.

The Right Fit: Tailoring Your Insulation

Not all insulation types are created equal, and neither are properties. Consulting with insulation professionals or using online calculators can take the guesswork out of how much blown-in, batt, or spray foam insulation you’ll need. 

These resources consider your location, the building’s structure, and your specific needs to suggest the optimal insulation installation strategy.

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You want a property that has comfort and efficiency. Yet, the journey to get it is riddled with uncertainty and discomfort—nobody should have to endure a home too chilly in winter or warm in summer. 

At Armor Insulations, we believe you should feel comfortable at all times. Therefore, we’ve provided dozens of properties with spray foam, blown-in, and batt insulation. We can do the same for you and turn the cozy property of your dreams into reality.